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Iden is an investment advisor to Institutional Investors for Indian listed equity. Our mission is to unearth investment opportunities leveraging on our fact-based, timely, and actionable research. We use our knowledge, expertise, and network to identify long term investment opportunities. Iden monitors and manages the specific and the systematic risk. We have a disciplined regular follow up.
Our approach hones our research with unmatched efficient on-the-ground information. We identify emerging trends to look for opportunities in the framework of macroeconomic, political risks. Long term preservation and appreciation of capital is what drives our work.
Iden’s strength: “Research excellence” We believe the depth of our research methodology used by our analysts and the promptness to accept and rectify a failure sets us apart from other investment research firms.
People: Our analysts develop independent research using data / information from a variety of sources including official statistics, expert contacts, and in-country analysis. Our analysts constantly challenge their sources and each other to produce insights, perspectives which are more refined to capture the alpha. This constant challenging of the assumptions keeps us ahead.
Heard and Read: This is a regular write-up to keep our clients updated. As the name suggests.. it is what we find interesting on India that gets covered here. This comes with our views on stocks and markets. This is a showpiece for Iden.
Our research is structured and theme based. Discovery of value is the focus of Iden. Strong emphasis is placed on companies which have high quality, visionary management, fundamentally good values and sustainable growth prospect. Verification of our assumptions and company guidance through ground level research mitigates the risk.
Global markets at crucial points and the news is not good ! Indian Markets finally give in ! Economist says India is riskiest emerging Market economy.. We put it in perspective. ITC looking beyond the valley .. where as there were others which flared up for good and not so good reasons !
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