Investment Philosophy

Our research is structured and theme based. Discovery of value is the focus of Iden. Strong emphasis is placed on companies which have high quality, visionary management, fundamentally good values and sustainable growth prospect. Verification of our assumptions and company guidance through ground level research mitigates the risk and is a core function.

The firm has a highly analytical, research-driven approach and we build equity portfolios from the bottom up. Participation in large caps is through a top down.
At the individual company level we seek to invest in well-run companies with strong prospects for growth. Our emphasis on company analysis and meticulous research ensures that we only invest in companies in which there are sustainable competitive advantage where we can be confident of superior earnings growth over the long term.
Iden concentrates its research efforts on identifying thematic investment opportunities. Identifying particular sectors or industries expected to benefit from structural trends, such as change in demography, social changes has been a strength and it has delivered well.
Some of the themes
Finding value in under researched companies
Value unlocking or value creation through merger and acquisitionor demergers
Organised sector increasing market share at the cost of the unorganized.
Private Sector increasing market share at the cost of Government run entities.
Private sector benefitting from reforms.
Leveraging of Brands and Distribution networks.
Increased Competition itself creating opportunities.
And more..
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